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Welcome to Paws Patrol’s 12 Cats of Christmas — All Are Available For Adoption!

Some of these cats have been with us a short time and others have been with us for years — all are worthy of love and a forever home of their own. Fall in love with these felines and make a difference in their lives.
To find out more about each cat, click on their name. If you’re interested in adopting, please visit our office during business hours or fill out the online application here. We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

Meet Cabernet


9 Month Old Male

Do you enjoy a little wine during the holidays—or anytime actually? If you do, you may like us, too. My name is Cabernet and I was part of a litter born at Elephant Head. Out of my five kitten siblings that Paws Patrol rescued in April, me and my brother, Chardonnay are the only ones who still need a home. I’m a handsome black and white tuxedo kitty. I demand attention and love being petting. I also enjoy the company of my brother. Together we play and snuggle with each one another every day. We both do well with other cats and well behaved dogs — we really just want to celebrate the holidays and New Year in a home of our own. So sit back, sip your red wine and think of how much fun it would be to have us spending the holidays—and everyday—with you…


9 Month Old Male

Holiday cheers with a glass a wine! I have the same start as my brother, Cabernet. We were found as kittens in April near Elephant Head. I’m a gentle gray blue cat. I’m mellow, comfortable, relaxed and laid back. I love attention and love my brother Cabernet. Together we chase each other, play hide and seek in the cat tree and even curl up next to each other when it’s nap time. Just like wine, two bottles is better than one. Won’t you take us two loving kitties home and we will entertain you with our affection and cat antics this holiday season!

Meet Chardonnay

Meet Copper


1 Year Old Male

Would you like to hang out with an extremely handsome and really fun guy this Christmas? Then check me out! My name is Copper and in October, Paws Patrol came to my rescue. I had a severely injured toe that required immediate vet care. We thought we’d have to amputate it. For a week I battled the infection that required a two-day hospital stay. Finally, the antibiotics did their job and now I’m neutered, have all my toes and ready for a home of my own. I’m a wonderful gentleman but watch your feet because I love to walk between your legs—they call me the “leg man”. Maybe I’m the perfect companion for your holidays—and maybe even forever!


2 Year Old Female

The Spirit of Christmas—that’s me! This is my second year listed on the 12 Cats of Christmas. My name is Spirit and I’m ready for Christmas and hopefully a forever home. I’m two years old and was wandering the streets of Villas East, alone and hungry, weighing only five pounds, when Paws Patrol rescued me — that was over a year ago. I’m in a foster home now but really want a home of my own. I don’t care for dogs but another cat would be fine. Mostly I just want to be loved. So if you like sleek black beauties, I’d be a perfect Christmas present for you.

Meet Spirit

Meet Miracle


2 Year Old Male

I was named Miracle because it’s a miracle that I’m alive. I was very sick when I was rescued and brought to Paws Patrol more than a year ago. Through the love and care of Paws Patrol volunteers I survived and today I am a healthy kitty who loves to sit in the window and watch the birds, have my soft fur brushed and my belly rubbed. My “miracle” would be complete if a loving family adopted me and took me home for Christmas. Just like Spirit, this is my second year listed on the 12 Cats of Christmas. Won’t you be my miracle?


1 Year Old Female

“I’ll be home for Christmas” — that’s my wish. My name is Rita and I was only nine or ten months old when I was found wondering the streets of Rancho Sahuarita. At the time I was very pregnant. Fortunately, I was rescued and went to live with a Paws Patrol foster family and there, in April, I delivered six beautiful kittens. I was an awesome mom! I loved and cuddled with my babies every chance I got. Now I need someone to love and cuddle me since all my babies have been adopted. I love belly scratches and hugs and lots of human interaction, even possibly another kitty. Mostly I just want my own safe and loving home, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Meet Rita

Meet Hunahpu


4 Year Old Male

I have quite a story—rescued by PACC from a hoarding situation, adopted, but then put out to live on my own. I ended up finding safety in the garage of a Paws Patrol volunteer. How lucky is that! In my Paws Patrol foster home, I have plenty of food, a nice bed and people to pet me but what I really need is my OWN home. I don’t particularly do well with other cats, probably because of my early hoarding days, so I need to be your only cat. My foster mom says my records may say I am 4 years old, but that I act much younger. So, if you want just one kitty, and will be a little patient with me, I would love to have my forever home and never leave you!


3 Month Old Male

On Christmas morning wouldn’t you love to wake up and enjoy some delicious hot cocoa and a big fluffy waffle? Hey, my name is Waffle and I’m big and fluffy! Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and find me curled up on the end of your bed, just waiting for the fun to begin?! I’m a very playful kitten who LOVES to play—with people, other cats and even dogs. So when you are making out your Christmas Wish List, you might want to think “Waffle”.

Meet Waffle

Meet Pancake


3 Month Old Female

My name might be Pancake, but there’s nothing flat about my personality! I’m a fun loving, petite and playful four-month-old black kitten who wants to be your newest family member. My brother, Waffle (my black look-alike only bigger) and I were rescued from Rio Rico – that was such a relief! Can’t you just see the emotion in my large round emerald eyes? Not only will I use my awesome charms on you, but I get along really well with other cats and even dogs. And if they would play with me that would be the best. A Pancake doesn’t have to be only for breakfast – this Pancake is a sweet treat all day long!


1 Year Old Male

I’m all dressed up but nowhere to go. Let me introduce myself. My name is Robbie. Just look at me, watching the world with wide-eyed wonder! I can’t tell you about my earliest days, but the happiest day of my life was when an angel came along, found me sitting on a rock, and took me home! She cared for me and kept watch for someone who might be looking for me, sadly no one was. In the meantime, I showed her I really like being petted, and living the indoor life is great; however, I need my own “forever” home, preferably one without other pets or small children. So if you have the patience to help me become king of your castle, together we can watch the world go by, I’ll even let you dress me in funny costumes! ***Update, Christmas came early for me and now I’m adopted! Thank you Santa for making a difference in my life this holiday season!***

Meet Robbie

Meet Freddie


11 Year Old Male

Dear Santa, I’ve been very, very good this year so hopefully you can bring me the one gift I want most—a forever home. This will be my 4th Christmas at Paws Patrol — Not that I’m unhappy living at the office but sometimes it gets really crowded and with bunches of kittens running around, it’s hard for an 11 year old gentleman, to get the attention that he’d like. I wouldn’t mind living with another “senior”, one who likes to take afternoon naps with a handsome guy snuggled beside them; or one who likes to sit in a big overstuffed chair and have a nighttime snack with a furry friend.

So Santa, please work your magic and find the perfect home for a loving, handsome guy like me.


6 Year Old Female

Look into my eyes and you will see, the hope of Christmas this holiday season. My name is Missy, and five years ago I found love as an indoor cat after a year of making my own way in the outdoor world. But the kind lady who took me in, and with whom I shared a quiet life, has moved into assisted living, where I cannot go. This will be my first Christmas without a family of my own. Just like Santa, I am a pleasingly plump and an independent soul. I will purr when you pet my brown tabby coat, which you will find the softest, fluffiest and smoothest ever. I don’t like to be picked up, I’m also picky about lap sitting and I need a New Year’s resolution of losing a few pounds. If you could search your heart and quiet home and see me there, we can both find love and be in jolly spirits.

Meet Missy