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OUR CAT STATS since April 2006. Updated March 31 2014.           
Intake :1873 ~  Returned to colonies/barns:1185~ Adopted:698

It's that time of year again! Arizona Gives Day is coming up on April 9, 2014! It's your chance to not only give to Paws Patrol, but to show the state of Arizona how important we are to our community!
Read here how the Pima Alliance for Animal Welfare (PAAW) is making a huge difference in the lives of homeless pets in Pima County.
Because of his blindness, Kelly is referred to as a "Special Needs" cat. But before you jump to any conclusions, let me tell you a bit more about him.
Kelly has no idea he is "different", he has no concept of "handicapped". He is a regular cat: curious, playful (very), affectionate (also very) and he loves to interact with people. He loves toys, especially catnip mice, and his Cat Charmer` toy. He jumps up on the couch or the bed, and he gets himself back onto the floor, all by himself. He even climbs up and down a 4-foot cat tree. On the rare occasion when he has gotten up on something and couldn't figure out how to descend, gently talking to him so he knows your direction is enough for him to ease back down to the floor. He knows where his litterbox is, and when he needs it he goes straight to it. He's a really brave cat, especially when his person talks to him and gives him reassurance.
So what does he need? Well, his FIV+ status means he needs to be either the only cat in the house or in a home with one or two other FIV+ cats. He probably shouldn't be with small children because they sometimes don't pay attention to what they are doing or people using a wheelchair as Kelly might not get out of the way fast enough.
In summary, this is not a cat that needs extra effort, this is a regular ol' cat with one less sense than average. If you have it in your heart to give Kelly a forever home, you will be as rewarded by him as I have been by fostering him.

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Calendar 2014

Our 2014 Paws Patrol Calendars - Ears, Tails & Paws are now available for purchase at local businesses - and always at a Paws Patrol event.

Featured Pet
Medium • Adult • Female

This terrific black lady is a true lap cat. We don't know her early history, but we believe she is 4 years old. In 2012, she was adopted from Pima Animal Control by a nice lady who loves her very much. Unfortunately, her son moved back home and is allergic to cats, so as of October 23 of this year, Jessie was returned to PACC and two days later Paws Patrol came and got her. Jessie misses her home and needs to become part of a calm family soon. She purrs, loves to be petted and held and is ready for a permanent lap assignment. she was born around 1/01/2010. 
Please refer to your adoption packet to see all the veterinary tests and procedures that have already been done. Now your new kitty can also have a wellness check at Valley Verde Clinic.
Effective January 1, adoption fees are as follows:
$50 for 1 cat; $75 for 2 cats; special needs cats $25 for 1, $35 for 2.
SPECIAL for Active military may adopt for 1/2 the current adoption rate. And in case of transfer or deployment, Paws Patrol will always take the cat back and place it in a foster home until you return.

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Paws Patrol is a nonprofit, 501(3) organization, so donations are tax deductible. Paws Patrol is not affiliated with any local or national organization, so you can send donations to us directly.
For your convenience, we also accept online donations through PayPal. Thank you in advance for your generous support.

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Feral Cats
Feral Cats
It is estimated there are millions of feral cats in the United States. The average number of litters a fertile cat can produce is three per year. The average number of kittens in a litter is four to six. One fertile cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 kittens in seven
 years!...more details

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