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Working Cat Program

When Paws Patrol traps feral and unsociable cat, we sometimes need to move them to a new, qualified home. These cats are healthy, sterilized, and in desperate need of a new OUTDOOR home, such as a barn, horse stable, warehouse, or other outdoor location.  Only cats who are not suitable to be indoors pets are eligible for our working cat program.

Working cats spend weeks inside to adjust to their new surroundings. They also need daily supplemental food and water.

What Paws Patrol Provides:

Paws Patrol pays for the spay/neuter and vaccination expenses for all working cats prior to the time they are adopted.  Their left ear is also tipped to indicate they are sterilized and have had their rabies vaccines.  When working cats are adopted, we review with the owner how to acclimate the new cats. We always adopt at least two cats together.

What the Owner Provides:

Working cat owner agrees to give the adopted cats:

  1. Shelter in a barn or stable, similar building or cat house.
  2. Daily food and water – cats cannot live on mice alone.
  3. Long-term veterinary care, as needed and when possible.
  4. A secure place to keep them for the first four weeks while they acclimate to their new location. This can be a tack room, or any secure enclosure from which they cannot escape.  Paws Patrol will provide a cat condo, if needed.

The Process:

First, a Paws Patrol volunteer will inspect the location to ensure it provides a suitable environment.  Second, the owner completes an adoption application.  Third, when we have working cat placements available, our volunteers will deliver them. And last, we continue to work with the cats and their owner to make the cats feel at home. These feral/stray cats have adapted to sharing space with humans with little fear or stress, but still prefer not to be petted or held.  Generally, they are happiest and more confident in the company of other cats since they were once part of a feral cat colony.  It is difficult for the cats to adjust to a new place and people – they may require a lot of patience and understanding of their needs.

Cat Delivery:

Before Paws Patrol delivers the cats, we ask the owner to read the relocation information in “Safe Relocation of Feral Cats” by Alley Cats Allies, which we will provide.  Our working cats will then be delivered to their new home by a volunteer.  If needed, we can provide a safe “cat condo” for them to live in for four weeks in their new location while they adjust to their surroundings.


There is a $15 adoption fee per cat to help cover spay/neuter and shots provided by Paws Patrol. The owner’s daily responsibility is to provide food and water, protection from the elements, and vet care as needed.

Working Cats® is a registered trademark of VFTA (www.vftafoundation.org/working_cats)