Paws Patrol has no paid staff and relies entirely on volunteers to accomplish our goals. There is a volunteer opportunity for every talent and interest. Please fill out the volunteer application and we will get back with you. We will call to discuss your interests, availability and talents and to provide additional information on the opportunities that you have selected. Training will be provided.

All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application and for some positions, an additional application may be required.

Whatever your interest, if you care about cats as we do, there is a volunteer position awaiting you at Paws Patrol.

Enjoying Desert Life and My Love for Cats

My family and I moved here in 2004 from Wisconsin and we absolutely love the desert. I’ve have a life-long passion for kitties! Pretty sure I was one in a past life, lol. I’ve had cats as far back as I can remember.

My daughter and I came to volunteer with Paws Patrol shortly after we adopted Tango at Petco. We began helping in the office, fostering many kittens and adopting 3 (so far). I love that Paws Patrol was started for the purposes it has: TNR, finding GOOD homes for cats, advocating to help control the cat population through humane efforts, caring for and raising the innocent kittens and the list goes on.

After 2 ½ years working with Paws Patrol, I’m now helping as a Cat Coordinator. I really enjoy working with the public, have a fairly good knowledge base, and have no intention of ever leaving. I absolutely love helping and advocating for the cats, knowing it is an important service to the community, even though I still run my cabinet restoration business and am very busy.

My daughter Rachel is also a dedicated volunteer, and I expect that after she graduates high school this May, she’ll be spending even more time helping and loving the cats, especially our dear Freddie.

I am honored to accept the position as Cat Coordinator and look forward to continuing to help the Paws Patrol cause.

Never Knowing a Stray

My husband and I made Green Valley our permanent home in 2018. We had enough cold wind, ice and snow having lived in the Chicago area for 70 years.

I have always had a special love and respect for animals. When walking home from school, stray dogs and cats would often “follow” me home with a bit of “coaxing” on my part, of course. My dad would often say it was a good thing there weren’t any stray horses and ponies in our neighborhood or we might have to move to a farm!

I worked with two animal rescue organizations in Illinois over the past 40+ years, so one of the first things I did when we moved here was to contact Paws Patrol to see if they could use another volunteer. They welcomed me with open arms!

I started out bottle-feeding motherless kittens too young to eat or drink on their own. I also volunteer to care for the kitties up for adoption at our local Petco, help with fundraisers and spend a morning a week helping out at the office. There are many volunteer opportunities available.

I have made several new friends at Paws Patrol and I am very happy doing what I can to help the homeless and abandoned cats and kittens find their forever, happy homes.

Using Their Talents to Help Paws Patrol

Alex and David began volunteering for Paws Patrol in the summer of 2018. They both were looking for a rewarding experience that could use their individual talents for the greater good. Alex had lunch with a friend who introduced her to Patti at Paws Patrol and encouraged her to volunteer there. Soon David would follow.

They both started by cleaning kennels and getting to know the cats within the shelter. David has a technical background and soon volunteered to take photos of the cats and take on some of the digital and technical aspects for the shelter. This includes creating a brand new website, a new office computer for our volunteers to accept credit card payments and even setting up a TV for Freddie to watch cat videos in the adoption room. Meanwhile, Alex has a creative background and noticed a need for a logo design and updating marketing materials.

Over the course of the last two years, these two helped take care of cats at the shelter and Petco; designed, printed and mailed marketing materials; helped with fundraisers and events; shared posts on social media and much more. They also have four cats and a dog. Two of those cats are from Paws Patrol. The couple encourages anyone to use their talents and Volunteer at Paws Patrol!

Karen Keeps A Close Eye on Rescues

Karen is a lover of all animals, an advocate for mental Illness awareness, and an author. Her fourth novel will be published soon. She retired from her career as an optometrist in December of 2019 after she and her husband, Paul, decided to leave cold and cloudy Central New York and move to Green Valley to be close to their baby granddaughter.

Having saved her first of many kittens from a horse barn in NY, Karen contacted Paws Patrol to offer to be a foster before embarking on the big move. Paws Patrol welcomed her with open paws; she had kittens before Paul and the moving truck arrived!

With a little prodding, Paul built a safe, climate-controlled cat area in an outbuilding. Perfect for housing feral moms and babies, Karen is presently fostering her third set of mommas with babies. Paul also built an amazing catio onto the main house where older kittens and their five resident kitties can get fresh air, roll in the dirt, and watch desert wildlife while remaining playful predators rather than prey.

Besides a lot of cats, she also has a dog, two rescue horses she adopted from Equine Voices, and a twenty-five-year-old red-foot tortoise named Chloé.

Join the Parade and Volunteer!

In 2014, a tabby and white stray showed up in the neighborhood. He roamed from neighbor to neighbor being fed for several months. During that winter freeze, I made him a wool bed. He was not feral; therefore, he must have belonged to someone as he kept trying to come in the house. My neighbor told me about Paws Patrol and she said they could help trap and neuter him. Patti, a Paws Patrol founder, brought a trap and told me they could find him a suitable home or bring him back to me. At that point, I had fallen for him, a big male with a stub for a tail, so I took him back and named him Stubbi.

In February 2015, I started volunteering at Paws Patrol. I am a people person and work midweek. Coming from a customer service background, I enjoy interacting with people who are looking for a forever fur companion. Besides being Wednesday’s lead at the office, I also foster cats and kittens, put the Adoption Packets together and design the float for the White Elephant parade. Paws Patrol has won 2 years in a row in the parade’s service category! Most of all, I enjoy being a part of Paws Patrol and finding homes for our kitties.

Find Purpose By Volunteering

After a quarter century in high-tech I decided to retire in 2016 to Green Valley.  Ambitious opportunities were vast… travel?, write?, paint?, learn Spanish?.  All were enticing but my number one desire was to work with cats and offer support and spirit in some way to our four-legged neighbors.  I contacted Paws Patrol February 2017 to volunteer and met RaeLyn and Patti a week later.  I can hardly describe how my life has changed since!  In my first 3 months I learned how to evaluate and care for tiny kittens, clean the shelter, deliver assistance to a special needs adopter and even help catch cats recently orphaned by a woman who passed away.  Wow, what an introduction to retiree life helping needy kitties!  I was hooked.  In the subsequent 3 years I’ve fostered a dozen cats and kittens, participated our fund-raising events, and continued to work at the office every week.  Paws Patrol is truly my home away from home and an extended family that I cherish.  In retirement we all have days when we wonder “what’s my purpose, what’ll keep me engaged and useful”.  Thanks to Paws Patrol I only need look close to home. My experience every week with our kitties tells me all I need to know.